Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A painting a day until...

Liquid Balcony

Days become not as forgetful
Thought as once were
Was why
Stapled my fur to the spot
Momentarily forgot
Those eyes casted a wicked spell
Known but not
Liquid balcony speeds thought
As on coffins we walk
Dead ears
All but forgot
Wash away play
Ghostwalk on liquid balconies
May as
Well be
Maybe not
Stored and saved
The fur will grow back
No more thought

:Almost there, it will be so much better when I leave this school. It is full of fuck offs.

1 comment:

ry said...

aww. so close.... I saw your pieces up. I didn't get to the translucent spectacular, but I saw a movie tonight and it had a gargoyle in it. It made me think of you :)......