Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Painting Seminar Bobble

This is a true story, the names have been omitted to keep away from uneeded drama.
The Mole came walking down the hallway and ran into THE PROFESSOR. THE PROFESSOR seemed to look at the Mole in a weird way and ask, " what was happening in the space, known to only a few, The No Exit Gallery?" The Mole told him that it was the Painting Seminar classes show. THE PROFESSOR then began to state their opinion, "the craftsmanship is horrible", " You would expect better from an upper level painting course" " isn't craftsmanship something you are supposed to learn in Painting 1" and to an extent, that THE PROFESSOR thought the show looked like... well, SHIT. To a certain extent the Mole agreed, there could have been more pieces that seemed finished. The Mole thought some of the concepts were really good and others not so much, the Mole thought the work needed to be closer to something that a gallery could possibly accept without taking one look and throwing the painting in the alley by the dumpster. The Mole seemed a little bobbleheaded. The Mole left from the discussion with THE PROFESSOR almost, but not complete agreement with those words. The Mole walked off down the hallway with those words from THE PROFESSOR and the Mole's thought was that the next show is going to have to impress and not STINK up the entire school.

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