Monday, February 9, 2009

Coloring contest = A rare opportunity to get a drawing from me, FREE.

Feel free to take the opportunity to look at a page from my personal sketchbook, then print it out and color it. If you are bored at work or home, do it and send the finished colored piece back as a jpeg to I will choose the one I like and they will receive this drawing FREE, colored by me. So if you are up to the challenge print it out, color it and send the image back to me. You will have until May 5th so get it done.


Anonymous said...

Well... Billy we are new to your universe and like what we see. Awesome skillz and talents! Something from us will indeed be coming you way.

If your bored and want some ear and eye candy check us out:
and search youtube or facebook.

Glad your throwing a cool little contest and looking forward to seeing what people submit.


Michael Roy said...

YOU GOING DOWN!@!!##!!#!@!@

Billy Welch said...

NsighT- Awesome, I cant wait to see what you and others do to my work either. I will check out your stuff really soon.

And Michael I love that you are so into the competitive side of a contest. Let that fuel your art making....

Derrick Dent said...

Well, it just so happens that a certain someone has a Wacom right now and is quite ready to get digital on your drawing's candy ass. By that I mean it would be my pleasure to color one of your pieces.

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